In my earlier articles, especially about Design Systems, a common theme has likely emerged.  It's my frustration at being at a company that makes hardware as their core product line, not software.  As such, the UX field is not understood or properly resourced. 

I love delighting people.  I design for them.  I build for them.  Their delight fulfills me.  I am always thinking about how I can make lives better, with good design.  I am looking for opportunities to do this...
My next entry in this portfolio, is going to be about my passion project... designing  assistive technology for Alzheimer's patients. Please give it a read.  It is titled "Butterflies and M&Ms", and it will tell you a lot about me.  Its the story of my mother-in-law, her diagnosis, and my hopes for her post-diagnosis life.  Although she left us, those hopes live on in me, and I am driven to integrate my dreams for her into my work.
For me personally, I am looking for an opportunity to indulge my desire to design.  I want to face a challenge, and craft solutions, and maybe delight someone with the result.
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