As a kid I drew quite a bit, but never progressed much beyond line drawings.  A 7th grade Art Teacher, in a misguided attempt to encourage me to advance my skillset, instead caused the opposite.  Oh, I continued to create Architectural and Mechanical illustrations, but remained stagnant at the line drawing stage.  A couple of years back I began using the Adobe Suite and also Procreate to create Isometric illustrations.  I find good joy in that, but still wanted more creative freedom.   
With the arrival and explosion of AI tools, I've indulged myself.   This page has some of the things I have created using only words as my brush...  "Miss Marni", these are for you.  
Click each image to see it in full resolution.
Each image has a story of how I created it.  I figured I would not make you read through all of that above, so am detailing it here....

The grid of icons in the top left image, were an attempt to make something specific for an application a team is building at work.  Although very visually interesting, and with great variation and usage of color, there is not a single usable icon in the result. 
GoPros.  There are several versions, none of which are actual GoPros.  I was trying to build out some design ideas for this portfolio, but was unable to craft the words to cause the AI to be faithful to the shape of a real GoPro, while incorporating different color themes onto the cameras.  You'll see a few of the white, blue, and red renderings, which were my attempt to integrate the colors of the Gulf Racing Livery, onto the camera.  I think the first one in the top row is an amazing rendering, but you don't really see the livery in it. The top right image is also beautiful to me, but looks nothing at all like a GoPro camera, unless you count the lens...

The cat in the middle image is just amazing, notice how the sunlight effects are so gorgeous on the ears and fine fur, lit from behind.

The "Día de Muertos" illustration in the top row was inspired by an artist I admire, "Lalo Cota".   Although not recognizable as one of his pieces, I can see why some artists are nervous about Generative AI.

The very vibrant isometric rendering, middle right, is also from my attempt to generate GoPro collateral.  Stunning in its own right, only the bottom right image of the foursome has anything resembling a GoPro.  (It's the dark block shape with teal letters right in the middle. )

And the little robot amongst the mushrooms....believe it or not, that as a GoPro result as well....

( The Gulf Livery is pictured below... )

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